Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tantalizing Tuesdays - We Want Curves!

Hello, fashion designers! Why are you still filling the runways at NYC Fashion Week with models so skinny they look like little fawns?

Women don’t want to be fawns, baby colts, pencils or skeletons! Women want to be fit, healthy and sexy! Women want to look great for themselves AND, yes, also for men.

That is a FACT! Women enjoy feeling alluring for the men in their lives… or for the men that they want to have in their lives.

And yes, while every woman wants to lose 5 or 10 lbs and is constantly working out or watching what she eats, no normal woman wants to look like the rail-thin models marching down the fashion runways at NY Fashion Week.

Those poor things have legs like sticks, bony knees, protruding clavicle bones, wraith-like arms and not a hint of hips , tummies or breasts. They are sexless!

So let me give you a clue as to what to put on the runways next year, and please don’t mess it up! This is your last chance...

We LOVE this look!

Hate this look!


  1. It's because the fashion industry is predominantly run by women and gay men. Women have image issues and gay men don't look for the sexual attraction in women, they go purely for aesthetic value.

  2. You are so right Kaiser. When I watch project runway that all you see is gay men and women. Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia are not bony, but yet a lot of the models on there are. You would think that they would embrace the curves. That's why I like a lot of the models that I see on America's Next Top Model. Because they are more curvaceous. I would love to see more models that look more like me ripping the runway!