Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Fridays - Little Black Dress...Exposed!

Friday Night aka Ladies Night is here! So as we push through the work day, our thoughts aren’t on the work we are doing at the moment(you know your tired of looking at that speadsheet girl!), our thoughts are on what we’re doing and where we’re going tonight! And you know if we’re stepping out, we have got to be sexy. And there is nothing sexier then the Little Black Dress or LBD as it is oftentimes referred to. A little black dress can take you many places! It can work at the office as long as it’s not to provocative, it can be causal and it can be the perfect little cocktail or party dress that turns heads as soon as you step in the room. The key to the LBD is how you accessorize it!

Seriously, every woman loves their little back dress because it helps to cover up our problem areas and is the perfect dress for those times when you’re feeling a bit bloated.

You can make the most of your LBD with the right accessories. A completely different look can be yours every time you slip on that little back dress and I will let you know how! Here are 5 ways to accessorize and create a different outfit every time you wear it.

#1. Vividly Bold Shoes - Now since I love shoes (a habit my husband feed sometime) this is one way I love to accessorize a little black dress. Stilettos, Pumps, Wedges of any color on the rainbow or color wheel will make your dress pop. Red, blue, pink, orange, green...any color will work. If your feeling adventurous, animal prints are another way to go. No matter what your preference, the key is to add some bold colors or print to your LBD.

#2. Prominent Handbag - If you’re someone that likes to wear flats or you’re just not a fan of wearing bold shoes, this idea is perfect for you. By wearing a bold or prominent handbag you can still able to add a touch of color or print to your little black dress. Small or large depends on the event, just be sure the colors are BOLD!

#3. Wear a Long or Chunky Necklace - I’m a jewelry designer as you can see. So my favorite way to accessorize my LBD is to wear a long or chunky necklace! This will help create a sophisticated look and make you stand out from the crowed. Again, it’s important to choose some bold colors, but silver and gold tones will also work well. Check out

#4. Wear a Scarf - This is a trick many like to use when they need to add a little bit of chic flair to their little black dress, and this works very well for a sophisticated office look. Grab your favorite scarf, it can be a silk scarf or even a chiffon scarf, and wrap it around your neck. You can wrap it slightly tightly if you have a define neck, though if you’re like me and your neck isn’t really that long, I suggest you keep it loose. You can leave the loose end of the ‘tie’ to one side. Opt for a scarf with a bold color or print for a more striking look.

#5. Add a Belt - This is one of the easiest things you can do to spice up your little black dress and it can also be the most effective. You can wear a thin belt, in a striking color or even animal print. Though if you want to be bold wear a wide belt in a color such as red, or even in an animal print. That will create a different look, and it will also flatten your figure as it will tuck in your waist, helping to create a more define look.

There you have it, 5 ways how you can change the look of  your little black dress to create a trendy and stylish look. Understand that your little black dress is just like a blank canvas. Be creative with how you wear your favorite LBD and do not be afraid to try out different bold things.

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