Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shooting Hoops

What’s the current fashion frenzy over – Big Luscious Hoop Earrings– you see them everywhere from the Braxtons to the Kardashions. And hoops that sparkle – well that is even better. My hoop earring collection is accented with sparkling rhinestones and sexy metal mesh, keeping you fashion forward this season. Combo your colors to get just the right look from sleek silver to bright blues and apple greens.

Searching for all the latest drama of Basketball Wives? We have the drama translated into jewelry that makes your outfit into a statement. Try our large hoops with balls or spike accents if you love what Jennifer Williams is wearing this season! Mesh balls make these dazzlers lighter to wear.

 Tip -- Hoops give you versatility – they are sassy and make a statement for everyday and their size gives them glamour and glitz for evenings. Hoops are the perfect way to make a fashion statement – they frame your expressions – that’s where you want them looking. So tell the world you’re bold and check out my designs at All Earz Jewelry.