Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thirtsy Thursday--Your Thirst For Fashion Fulfilled!!

Fall is upon us and so are the fall fashions! It’s after Labor Day, and ladies we know its time to step our shoe/boot swag up for the up coming season! So what are the trends for the 2011/2012 fall/winter season? I’m Glad you asked! Here is the TOP 10 shoe trends for this season.

#1. Snake Skin is in! The big name and some of my favorite designers are opting to showcase reptile skin shoes/boots in their fall/winter collections. Giants in the shoe industry such as Louis V. and Valentino are blessing displays with some or their snake skin styles! Quick tip...look into Balenciaga, you’ll thank me later!

#2. Although not a staple of my collection, Patent Leather has its place. Many will argue that patent leather is gorgeous! So if patent leather is something that tickles your fancy, check out offering from Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs just to name a few. Thought I might provide you with a link...check it out.

#3. Now if your looking for that luxurious look, Suede is something that should be a permanent fixture in your shoe arsenal. Designers know this because every season we see a variety of designs making use of the lovely material. Looking for suede, just check with Michael Kors and Givenchy to fill that void.

#4. There are sure to be some formal events in your future fall/winter. Satin shoes should be and easy choice for such occasions. Ladies...these are not an everyday wear, so take good care of em if you want to get your moneys worth! Jason Wu and Donna Karen have got some that you will love.

#5. Wedges! Need I say more? Wedges have been all the craze during the spring/summer. We have seen some outrageous yet fabulous wedge colors and styles. Wedges have carried over to the fall/winter but in more modest and elegant designs. Keep the wedges coming, I love em and will continue to add them to the collection.

Now that we have tackled my favs...lets finish out the top ten.

#6. Lacing
#7. Plenty of Buckles
#8. Chunky Heels
#9. Spike Heels
#10. Socks in Shoes

Shoes are my weakness in any season and I’m sure they are yours too. So armed with this information have fun and happy hunting!
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